DynaGlide Industries can created targeted custom formulas for private label companies.

DynaGlide Custom Formulation for White Label Customers

White label products have been our specialty since 1986. We continue to research, design and produce specialized dry-lubricant formulas that are targeted to specific markets and industries.

The Dry Boundary Film Advantage for Your White Label Brand

DynaGlide proprietary formulas condition, lubricate and displace contaminants, all in a single step. These formulas consist of high lubricity conditioners and protective coatings that protect and extend the functional life of anything metal. Any surface that is exposed to friction, abrasion or is stressed under high pressure or extreme heat can benefit greatly from their use. DynaGlide formulas utilize a dry micro-layered barrier film that delivers conditioning and lubrication functions during pressures up to 3300 psi and temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This environmental friendly technology was first developed in 1986 and was specifically formulated for the firearms and ballistics industry, now a family of products marketed under the One Shot brand exclusively manufactured for and distributed by Hornady Manufacturing Company.

Our chemical and industrial scientists have refined this technology and developed formulations with multiple micro-film barriers specific to use and purpose with application to multiple industries. Each dry micro-film boundary compound, or formula, has unique properties and is marketed to specific industries and user groups:


White Label Formulation for:

  1. Metal Tools and Surfaces
  2. Noise Abatement
  3. Musical Instruments & Gear
  4. Sports & Recreation
  5. Residential & Commercial Power
  6. Electronics
  7. Firearms and Ballistics
  8. Aircraft Maintenance
  9. Automotive Industry
  10. Fleet Maintenance
  11. Marine & Boating
  12. Recreational & Commercial Fishing
  13. Mining Operations
  14. Additives for Specialty Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluid
Private label products have been our specialty since 1986. We design and produce specialized dry-lubricant formulas that are targeted to specific industries.

Available Packaging Options for White Label Products

Available stock container sizes for retail markets:

  • 2 fl. oz., 7 fl. oz., 14 fl. oz. aerosol can
  • 4 fl. oz., 20 fl. oz., non-aerosol, high-impact plastic trigger sprayer, DuPont™ Viton® rubber gaskets, high-quality spun aluminum bottle (reusable/recyclable)

Available sizes for bulk and industrial users:

  • 14 fl. oz. aerosol (12/case)
  • 1 gal. metal can “f-style”
  • 5 gal. metal pail
  • 30 gal. drum

Multi-Marketing can also provide our white label customers with label and packaging design meeting all international, federal, state regulation and compliance requirements. Please contact us for information about our White Label Products Policy.

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™ for all Aerosols

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™

The DynaGlide Plus Comfort Trigger Sprayer for aerosols is one our most popular accessories.  Get up to 8X easier spray while easily adjusting for precision or volume spraying.

The ergonomic full grip design provides effortless spraying and is easy to use with or without gloves. Our comfort trigger sprayer will fit on all aerosol cans from 2oz. up to 20 oz. size.

Features include:

  • Select – fine spray extension tube (if equipped) for precision stream applications of default fine fan spray pattern for maximum coverage.
  • Engineered to prevent over-application of material.
  • Minimum 5 year performance expectancy.
  • Made of non-distorting industrial recycled polymer plastics.
  • Durable for long-term repeated use.

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