DynaGlide Tool Surface Lubricant is Dry-to-Touch and Extends All Cutting/Drilling/Routing and Tool Life and More!

DynaGlide for Precision Tooling & Machinery

DynaGlide Plus takes dry lubricant to the next level and leaves others behind. It is the perfect preventive maintenance companion whether it be production line, machine shop, cabinet shop, woodworking facility, fleet maintenance, automotive garage or marina. Hand tools, power tools and machinery should also be kept in tip-top condition to ensure efficiency and safety. DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™ will increase your production. You will spend less time sharpening, cleaning, and maintaining tools and equipment.


DynaGlide is the perfect companion for metalworking shops and CNC applications.

DynaGlide Plus is a tri-boundary dry lubricant, cleaner and conditioner for surfaces and all metals. It is expressly formulated and compounded with our barrier-film technology to extend the life of production tools, machine parts and equipment. DynaGlides’s proprietary HD4X™ formulas are extremely hydrophobic which makes an excellent rust and corrosion preventative that blocks oxidation on all metals.

Dry lubricant applications are numerous and whether it’s milling machine tools in metalworking process, cutting end-tooth vertical mills, diamond cutting tools, lathes, presses, band saws, etc., DynaGlide has got it covered.

DynaGlide dry lubricant for industrial precision tools for metalworking industry.

DynaGlide Plus will not stain, discolor, or transfer like other dry lubricants. DynaGlide Plus penetrates instantly and dries within minutes, leaving behind an extremely tough pressure film.

Tri-Boundary Dry Lubricant

• 3,300+lb. (Falex test) Load Carry capacity.
• Reduces Friction/Heat 2 times(+) over conventional lubes.
• Displaces moisture, rust, grit, gunk.
• Cleans and Conditions All Metal surfaces.
• Eliminates Drag.
• HD4X Blocks Rust, Tarnish and Oxide Corrosion.
• Passes 400 hour Salt Spray test Humidity & Water will not remove HD4X™.

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™ for all Aerosols

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™

The DynaGlide Plus Comfort Trigger Sprayer for aerosols is one our most popular accessories.  Get up to 8X easier spray while easily adjusting for precision or volume spraying.

The ergonomic full grip design provides effortless spraying and is easy to use with or without gloves. Our comfort trigger sprayer will fit on all aerosol cans from 2oz. up to 20 oz. size.

Features include:

  • Select - fine spray extension tube (if equipped) for precision stream applications of default fine fan spray pattern for maximum coverage.
  • Engineered to prevent over-application of material.
  • Minimum 5 year performance expectancy.
  • Made of Non-distorting Industrial Recycled polymer plastics.
  • Durable for long-term repeated use.

“The most simple and effective maintenance item we have in our shop.”

Russell Reed

CNC Specialist, Lakewood Countertops

“Last week our asphalt plant mechanics were replacing a 4-inch “D” shaft bearing. They were filing the shaft for the bearing to fit. Gilberto stood by and observed after repeated attempts with no luck, he asked them to let him use dynaGlide.  He applied to shaft and bearing allowing both to dry. He then pushed bearing onto the shaft by hand and used a rubber mallet hammer for final seating. The lead mechanic was flabbergasted at the ease of installation.  After reading the DynaGlide info and spec sheet, Gilberto advised them to expedite and buy a case with their own money.”

Pedro Garza


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