DynaGlide Tool Surface Lubricant for Woodworking Tools and Shop

We at DynaGlide Industries recognize that maintaining your tools and equipment is just as important as the products you manufacture, build, repair and service for your customers. Hand tools, table saws,  guides and tables, power tools and machinery should also be kept in tip-top condition to ensure efficiency and safety. DynaGlide Plus® with HD4X™ will increase your production; you will spend less time sharpening, cleaning, and maintaining tools and equipment.

DynaGlide Plus is a tri-boundary dry barrier-film lubricant, cleaner and conditioner for tools, surfaces and all metals. DynaGlide is unlike other so-called dry tool surface lubricants and is expressly formulated and compounded to extend the life of tools, machine parts and equipment. Our HD4X™ is a proprietary rust and corrosion preventative that blocks oxidation on all metals.

DynaGlide's best #1 tool surface lubricant is dry-to-touch and extends all cutting, drilling, routing tool life and more!

Use on Woodworking and Metalworking Tools, or on any Metals

  • DynaGlide Plus tool surface lubricant will not stain, discolor, or transfer. It penetrates instantly and dries within minutes, leaving behind an extremely tough pressure film.
  • Can be used for storage of tools, all router bearings, table saws, table beds, scroll-saw, band-saws, cutters, lathe tools; all cutting, drilling, router blades, etc.
  • Does not contain paste wax and will not stain wood or other material.
  • Replaces all other tool surface lubricants for any purpose and is graphite, silicone and Teflon® free.
  • The perfect shop companion for luthiers and music instrument repair technicians.

DynaGlide's best #1 tool surface lubricant conditions, protects and extends the productive life of all saw blades

There are countless other applications for our tool surface lubricant outside the shop such as automotive door hinges, locks, and catches.  These are areas of application where a non-staining dry lubricant makes sense, one that does not stain or discolor clothing.  Works especially well on truck tailgate hinges and latches to prevent rust and corrosion.  Use on service and fire truck vehicles that have a wide variety of side compartment doors and latches.

DynaGlide Tool and Surface can be useful around the house for door hinges and locks, window slides, sliding glass doors, door slides, wherever there are friction surfaces and mechanisms where a non-messy dry lubricant makes perfect sense.  Will not stain or discolor woods.

The same applications hold true for marine power vessels and sailing boats wherever there are metals and woods exposed to salt water and harsh weather conditions.  These are other areas where our DynaGlide Plus tool surface lubricant will prove to be an invaluable rust and corrosion preventative.

Prevent dirt and grime buildup on stationary bicycle chains, and other exercise equipment.  Great for protecting mountain bike chains where mud, water, and dirt can foul gears and shifting mechanisms.

DynaGlide tool surface lubricant prevents glue and resin buildup on sanding belts and wheels.

Tri-Boundary Tool Surface Lubricant

  • 3,300+lb. (Falex test) Load Carry capacity.
  • Reduces Friction/Heat 2 times(+) over conventional lubes.
  • 3 times better Cutting Performance of all Blades, Bits, Abrasives, and Equipment.
  • Displaces moisture, rust, grit, gunk.
  • HD4X™ Blocks Rust, Tarnish and Oxide Corrosion.

DynaGlide tool surface lubricant is dry-to-touch and extends all cutting, drilling, routing tool life and more!

Extends All Cutting/Drilling/Routing and Tool Life

  • Minimizes Sharpening/Cleaning Cycles, Keeps tools sharp 2 times(+) longer.
  • Dry tool surface lubricant increases production by retarding resin and glue build-up.

Table Top Cleaner/Conditioner

  • Non-Gumming Coating for all table tops that will not build-up
  • Cleans and Conditions All Metal surfaces.
  • Eliminates Drag
  • Displaces and Cleans Grit, Grime, Old Oils and Greases
  • Passes 400 hour Salt Spray test
  • Humidity & Water will not remove HD4X™

Available Sizes

14 Fluid Ounce Aerosol (12/case), 1 gal. can, 5 gal. pail

Tico Vogt (Vogt Woodworking) demonstrates shooting board maintenance with DynaGlide Plus.

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™ for all Aerosols

DynaGlide Plus® Comfort Trigger Sprayer™

The DynaGlide Plus Comfort Trigger Sprayer for aerosols is one our most popular accessories.  Get up to 8X easier spray while easily adjusting for precision or volume spraying.

The ergonomic full grip design provides effortless spraying and is easy to use with or without gloves. Our comfort trigger sprayer will fit on all aerosol cans from 2oz. up to 20 oz. size.

Features include:

  • Select - fine spray extension tube (if equipped) for precision stream applications of default fine fan spray pattern for maximum coverage.
  • Engineered to prevent over-application of material.
  • Minimum 5 year performance expectancy.
  • Made of Non-distorting Industrial Recycled polymer plastics.
  • Durable for long-term repeated use.
“Three years ago I learned about DynaGlide Plus Tool & Surface dry lube cleaner from Richard Welder at Micro Fence. It is a silicone and Teflon® free dry-boundary lubricant. I have used it principally to clean the swarf off the bearing surfaces of my shooting boards and to lubricate them. It functions well on metal plane soles and slides, edge tools, bits, bearings, and abrasive surfaces.”
Tico Vogt

Owner, Vogt Toolworks

“I was amazed at the difference it made in chiseling operations (cleaning out the corners of routed mortises) when I sprayed my paring chisels with it. Another surprising application is to spray abrasives before their use… friction is reduced by 50% or more, extending their life!”

“The manufacturer assures us there are two corrosion inhibitors in the recipe that will help keep your cutting tools at peak performance condition. In our shop, this dry lube has long been indispensable.”

Bill Jamison

Supervisor, Steed Custom Cabinetry

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