SoundSynergies® products are scientifically developed and specifically formulated to improve sound and audio quality, instrument playability, protect and prolong the performance of musical instruments and electronic components. Formulated by the laboratories of DynaGlide®.

A family of products designed for the musician and music instrument technician to help achieve the highest level of professional sound quality from their instruments, electrical components, sound reproduction and recording equipment. The product line includes specific applications for string, brass, percussion and electrical components.

A family of products…
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A Micro-Lubricant formulated for Guitars, Guitar parts including guitar strings

FOR MORE INFORMATION Uniquely treat the “core” of
guitar strings via our “ONE-STEP” penetrating micro-thin flex-film conditioning lubricant.

For guitar and other string instruments to restore and enhance string life, sound quality and instrument playability. Conditions to protect and prolong the performance of strings, frets, tuners bridges, etc.

A Specialty Micro-Lubricant Barrier-Film for Drums, Drum Parts and Drum Cymbals

Use this micro thin, flex-film conditioner and lubricant to protect and extend the life of your percussion instruments. This “ONE-STEP” formula Lifts oxidation, restores luster and prolongs the metallurgy to help ensure the integrity and tone of cymbals.

Drum head stretches with equal tension over the rim suspended by the micro thin lubricant allowing the head to float and create free vibration and pure percussive sound.

A Conductive Micro-Thin Conformable Copolymer Coating for Electronics

Use this “ONE-STEP” dry to touch MicroPenetrating-film to restore and protect electronic equipment and preserve the purity of sound. Conditions all connections. Designed to protect and prolong the performance of electronics in your instruments and all your electronic gear.

Protects against fast temperature changes, humidity damage and resulting negative effects.

High Lubricity Specialty Micro-Barrier Film for Metal Parts of Wind Instruments.

Uniquely formulated to treat brass and other metal surfaces, valves, keys, slides, and hinges, via our “ONE-STEP” penetrating micro-film protective barrier & lubricant. Once applied the film is stable (does not migrate) and will not build up with additional applications.

For brass and wind instruments to enhance instrument playability and sound quality. Conditions to prolong the performance of your instrument.

Manufacturing and wholesale distribution of all DynaGlide® products are shipped out of the Los Angeles area. Retail sales are through various outlets.