The Dry Boundary Film Advantage…
dynaGlide® formulas condition, lubricate and displace contaminants, all in a single step.
DynaGlide® formulas – are proprietary high lubricity conditioners and protective coatings that protect and extend the functional life of anything metal. Any surface that is exposed to friction, abrasion or is stressed under high pressure or extreme heat can benefit greatly from their use.DynaGlide® formulas utilize a micro dry-film barrier that delivers conditioning and lubrication functions during pressures up to 330,000 psi and temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This technology was first developed in 1986 and was specifically formulated for the firearms and shooting industry, now a family of products marketed under the OneShot® brand exclusively manufactured and distributed by Hornady.

Chemical and industrial scientists have refined this technology and developed formulations with multiple film barriers specific to use and purpose with application to the music industry and both the consumer and commercial tools and equipment.

Each mico, dry-film boundary compound, or formula, has unique properties and is marketed to specific industries and user groups:

  • Metal Tools and Surfaces
  • Additives for Specialty Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluid
  • Noise Abatement
  • Music Instruments & Equipment
  • Sound Electronics
  • Firearms and Ammunition
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