Sound Synergies musical instrument care products were created to improve instrument playability and protect your instrument.

Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care and Maintenance

Sound Synergies products are specifically formulated for each category of musical instrument and gear. This includes stringed instruments, drums and percussion, brass & woodwinds, amplifiers, electronic and electrical power systems. We also offer products for broadcast, stage sound & lighting, film and cinematography industries.

Each formula incorporates our proprietary tri-boundary barrier film technology  that will improve instrument playability while preserving and protecting your investment.

Our musical instrument care products are not only easy to use, but protect your investment and extend the usable life of your instrument and gear.  Sound Synergies formulas are dry-to-touch and do not contain any graphite, silicone or Teflon® that will attract dirt and grime.

STRINGTone for guitar hardware and all stringed instruments.

Musical Instrument Care for Guitar, Bass and All Other String Instruments

  • Tri-Boundary Micro Film Guitar String Lubricant/Conditioner that penetrates to the core of wound strings to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • Dry-to-touch after application without that oily-sticky feel
  • Complete musical instrument care with no more messy applicators, powders or talc
  • Will not degrade or gum up strings unlike other string products
  • Self-leveling: does not build up after repeated application
  • Increases string flexibility and response, reduces string breakage
  • Promotes tuning stability

Total Musical Instrument Care for Brass and Woodwind Instruments

Musician Favorite – Technician Preferred

  • Conditions and lubricates valves, keys, slides, and hinges
  • Compatible with all valve oils
  • Keeps valve oils fresher and lasting longer between maintenance cycles
  • Prevents stuck mouthpieces, valves and keypads
  • Blocks unhealthy mold and bacteria growth
  • Optimizes metal surfaces for strong, clear projection
  • Reduces friction for extended instrument life
  • Removes dried oil deposits that trap corrosive moisture
  • Lowest cost per application
  • Complies with California “VOC” air quality and all safety regulatory requirements.
  • This is a nontoxic product that is less harmful than methanol alcohol.

PROcussionCare® for Total Drum Care & Maintenance

  • PROcussioncareCare CymbalCare for cymbal and gong conditioning & maintenance.
  • PROcussioncareCare WearBarrier for drum hardware and drum heads.
  • PROcussioncareCare PedalLube with HD4X™ heavy-duty dry lubricant for bass drum kick pedal assemblies.
Stage lighting equipment mounting on a stage during festival in italy

LECTRICare® Cleaners and Conditioners for Electronic and Electrical Power Systems

  • LECTRICare Music Electronics cleans and conditions all electronics components and contact surfaces for reliable long-lasting performance.
  • LECTRICare Stage Sound/Lighting is the all-in-one maintenance solution for electronics and power systems from stage and theater to the concert hall!
  • LECTRICare Cine & Broadcast penetrates, cleans, conditions, lubricates and protects all metal and non-metal surfaces using unique Micro-Barrier Film technologies specifically formulated for extreme and harsh on-location environments.

“We’ve used many contact cleaners in the past, but LECTRICare has become our new favorite. It works fasts and protects much longer than other cleaners. And the smaller size bottles are perfect for guitar cases, gig bags, or road cases. We keep a bottle handy for every gig!”

“And we use it on EVERYTHING: guitars, amps, mixers, pedals, jacks, switches, pots, tube and fuse sockets, circuit boards, MIDI and IEC connections—any electrical component you can’t risk failing.”

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STRINGTone is hands down the most effective string and instrument cleaner and conditioner I’ve ever used. I can’t believe I didn’t know about you guys – I’ve been a lead guitar player for over 50 years. I would change strings every night on the road. By the 3rd set I could hear them losing their sparkle. If I had this product then I would have been MUCH happier and saved TONS of money.”

Truly, “Where have you been all my (guitar playing) life?”

Michael R. Clifton

Michael Clifton Alliance

“Everything I have used this on has worked wonders. I started by trying it on my personal instruments until I knew how it would work. I have been repairing instruments for 15 years so I know there are things I am still unaware of, yet I have experienced everything from broken tenons to sand casting irreplaceable woodwind keys. I have a side business that does lost wax casting, sand casting, metal and wood turning, and design. I do like the BRITETone a ton, and am waiting on a shipment for the drum and electronic sprays to try them as well.”

Clark Mattison

Brass, woodwind, orchestral string and world insrument repair technician, Sam Ash Music Stores

PROcussionCare products are honestly the best thing to happen to my entire drumset!…my heads, cymbals and pedals feel brand new and they stay that way. Actually amazing stuff.”

Lance Cary Bennington

Soultone Percussion Artist

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