DynaGlide Plus for Firearms and Ballistics

DynaGlide has engineered Co-polymers and Block-polymer technologies into highly efficient Dry-Film Tri-Boundary lubricants that have the unique characteristic of being self-cleaning. These new Hornady One Shot® Dry-Film lubricants have revolutionized the materials and techniques involved in firearms cleaning and maintenance.

You can trust Hornady One Shot products to give you peace of mind, as they are completely free from alcohols, silicone, Teflon® (PTFE), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), graphite; other additives that may stain clothing.

All Dynaglide and DynaGlide Plus formulas contain proprietary tri-boundary technology that provides superior lubricity, protection and coverage.

The standard DynaGlide tri-boundary lubricants contain 6-micro layers that are self-leveling, non-gumming, and high pressure resistant. The new DynaGlide Plus formulas are micro-layered, dry tri-boundary film lubricants that apply 9-micro layers. They are also classified as boundary* lubricants and are ideally suited to the firearm industry due to their exceptional performance under high pressure, high heat conditions and extreme environmental exposures.

DynaGlide Plus lubricants are known for their stability and non-migrating features that will stay where applied. One Shot® with DynaGlide Plus® has been made available to the shooting industry exclusively by the Hornady Company since 1986.

As referenced in Wikipedia encyclopedia…
* Boundary lubrication (also called boundary film lubrication): The bodies come into closer contact at their asperities; the heat developed by the local pressures causes a condition which is called stick-slip and some asperities break off.

At elevated temperature and pressure conditions chemically reactive constituents of the lubricant react with the contact surface forming a highly resistant tenacious layer or boundary film on the moving solid surfaces which is capable of supporting the load; thus major wear or breakdown is avoided. It is also defined as that regime of lubrication in which the load is carried by the surface asperities rather than by the lubricant. The lubricating film consists of more than one single layer.

DynaGlide’ Plus® three boundary (micro-layered) films combine to play a major role in determining the bulk physical properties and behaviors of the conditioner/lubricant (specifically, how it interacts with heat, chemicals, solvents and contamination, etc).

DynaGlide Technology

Three layers are distinguished:
• a physically adsorbed layer
• a chemically adsorbed layer, and
• a chemical reaction layer

No DynaGlide formulations changes were required under the new Military specifications (AF-5272) being introduced that will replace the MIL-PRF 63460 specifications, because of the continued upgrading of the formulas over the years since 1986.


The Hornady One Shot® Gun Cleaner & Lube Advantage

One Shot Dry-Film Tri-Boundary lubricants provide:

  • Heat resistant to 400-plus° (204 plus °C)
  • High load carrying capacities (metal to metals pressure)
  • Hazardous cleaners and lubricants are not used or needed
  • Prevents Burnt Carbon and Lead build-ups
  • Humidity and Moisture repelling and displacing
  • Prevents the accumulation of residues, debris, gunk build-up associated with oil or silicone lubricants.
  • Non-Toxic non-hazardous protective films
  • Withstands 400 hours of Military salt spray corrosion test
  • Maintains a sustainable near new and perfect firearm condition
  • Severely restricts abrasive and erosive wear action from burnt powders and oils contaminants
  • Allows a soft cleaning patch to “push” out lead residues without using abrasive wire brushes
  • Prevents build ups of contaminants compressed into metals by gas and load pressure
  • Reduced resistance to contaminant build up offers sustainable shooting velocity and accuracy
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates frequent gas port adjustments in semi-auto and automatic firearms

These component properties have all but eliminated the need to clean firearms with harsh hazardous chemical solvents and wire brushes. With DynaGlide Plus® preconditioning a firearm (as a preventative to fouling and wear) is more efficient than “after the fact” traditional, abrasive, messy and labor intensive cleaning.


Hornady One Shot® Gun Cleaner and Lube with dynaGlide Plus is specifically formulated for and distributed exclusively by the Hornady Manufacturing Company.

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The Hornady One Shot® Case Lube Advantage

One Shot Case Lube with DynaGlide Plus Technology is a micro-penetrating high pressure dry film. It contains no petroleum, Teflon or other synthetic silicone so it will not contaminate powder or primers.

Hornady One Shot Case Lube is the perfect companion for reloading tools and accessories.

An efficient and clean case sizing lube that:

  • Eliminates the need for paste lubricants.
  • Improves tool and die performance and extends service life.
  • Will not contaminate powder or primers.
  • Improves ejection and reduces scoring and scratching of cases.
  • Evenly distributes lubricant over the entire case (won’t creep or migrate).
  • Eliminates the greasy mess usually associated with resizing cases.
  • Makes case sizing easier–with less case neck stretch.
  • DynaGlide Plus prevents tarnish, which in turn reduces drag on case extraction and helps prevent scoring/scratching damage.
  • Minimizes jamming problems in semiautomatic firearms.

Hornady One Shot® Case Lube with dynaGlide Plus is specifically formulated for and distributed exclusively by the Hornady Manufacturing Company.

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Gary Zinn


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