DynaGlide DG-5 Fishing

DynaGlide DG-5 Fishing Line Lubricant for Recreational & Commercial Fishing

Introducing DG-5, the ultimate rod and reel cleaner and line lubricant from Multi-Marketing Corporation. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple products because DG-5 does it all. This powerful formula replaces line cleaners, Teflon® and silicone based lubricants, dry fly treatments, reel lubricants, and grease.

Improve Your Line Management

Line life is extended by reduced friction and abrasion. Casting ease and distance is greatly enhanced by treating line guides. Level wind guides, fly reels, and drag system plates operate much smoother.  DG-5 eliminates the frustration and headache of backlash when casting.

DynaGlide DG-5 is excellent for lubricating and preventing corrosion on sport and commercial fishing downriggers.

DG-5 is an excellent lubricant and line conditioner for downrigger cable and rigging that promotes smooth operation and protects against oxidation and corrosion. Downriggers use metal cable with heavy weights and are a valuable tool to use inshore and offshore when fishing.

DynaGlide DG-5 is excellent for lubricating and preventing corrosion on sport and commercial fishing downriggers.

Downriggers are used by sport and commercial fisherman for trolling baits deep-down in the water column just like you would troll baits along the water’s surface. The picture above shows commercial downrigger fishing gear with canon ball weights

Highly Effective In All Weather Conditions

Most importantly, our formulas do not contain oils or harmful synthetic lubricants like graphite, silicone, or Teflon® that migrate under load, temperature extremes and pressure.  They contain compounds that are self-leveling and do not build up and foul gear after repeated application. Trust DG-5 to deliver unmatched performance and keep your fishing gear in its best shape.

DynaGlide DG-5 Fishing

Environmentally Friendly – Ozone Safe Fishing Line Lubricant

DG-5 penetrates into minute cracks and crevices carrying synthetic lubricants and corrosion inhibitors that leave a clear, dry micro-thin barrier film that won’t wash off. The solvents clean instantly and evaporate quickly unlike other fishing line lubricants, without harming fly line, monofilament line, rod guides, reel seats, ferrules, glues, or plastic. Its environmentally friendly formula is ozone safe and will not harm cork, wood, metal, fabrics, and most plastics. Dust, dirt, water, salt, and other nuisance particles will not cling to DG-5 film.  Will not poison fish or harm other aquatic life.


The Benefits of DynaGlide DG-5 Fishing Line Lubricant:

  1. Fast Drying Dry-to-Touch Formula that Works Within Minutes
  2. Eliminates Line Abrasion and Backlash
  3. Prevents UV Damage
  4. Reduces Component Friction
  5. No Fresh or Salt Water Wash-Off
  6. Stuck Ferrules Now Work Smoothly
  7. Reel Seat Freeze-Up? No Worries.
  8. Excessive Icing No Longer a Problem
  9. No More Grime and Crusty Buildups
  10. Extends Gear Life
  11. Protects All Surfaces against Oxidation & Corrosion
  12. Eco-friendly – Will Not Harm Aquatic Wildlife
  13. No Foul Smelling Odor

“I use DynaGlide D-5 secret sauce on all my freshwater and saltwater gear for smooth performance and maximum protection.”

Jim Sterling

Olympic Peninsula, WA

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