download Dynaglide and Sound Synergies sales and sell sheets in DPF format DynaGlide Product Sales Sheets & Literature


All DynaGlide and DynaGlide Plus sales sheets and literature are in PDF file format for easy download and file storage. Typically, sales sheets contain product information and images. In other words, sales sheets are often referred to as “sell sheets” and provide an overview of product use and specifications on a single sheet of paper.

Our product sell sheets are also useful when preparing a media or press kit. In addition, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products.

Dry Lubricant and Cleaner for Tools & Machinery

DynaGlide Product Sales Sheet for DynaGlide tool surface lubricant is dry-to-touch and extends all cutting, vertical mills, drilling, routing tool life and more!

DynaGlide Plus® Tool & Surface

Musical Instrument Care

DynaGlide Product Sales Sheet for LECTRICare Music Electronics which restores and conditions electronic music instrument components: pots, switches, jacks, plugs, wiring, etc.

LECTRICare® Music Electronics

LECTRICare® Sound Stage & Lighting

LECTRICare® Broadcast & Cine

STRINGTone® Guitar Parts/Strings

BRITETone® Brass and Woodwind Instruments

PROcussionCare® Cymbal Care

PROcussionCare® Wear Barrier

PROcussionCare® Pedal Lube

Click on this link to learn more and where to buy Sound Synergies Musical Instrument Care products.


For more information about DynaGlide Product Sales Sheets, Posters, or any other sales aids please contact us.

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