DynaGlide Technology

DynaGlide Plus Technology - Core Properties & Characteristics

DynaGlide Plus conditioning films and dry lubricants provide a broad spectrum of protections through our engineered, tri-boundary (micro-layered) film formulas.

Boundary films deposited by our formulas on metal surfaces prevent rust and corrosion by displacing water and providing a physical barrier to the atmosphere while providing a virtually invisible protective film against acidic environments.

You can trust our products to give you peace of mind, as they are completely free from alcohols, silicone, Teflon® (PTFE), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), graphite, and other additives that may stain clothing.

All Dynaglide and DynaGlide Plus formulas contain proprietary tri-boundary technology that provides superior lubricity, protection and coverage.

Boundary Lubrication with Co-polymer and Block-polymer Technologies

DynaGlide Plus micro-layered films combine to play a major role in determining the bulk physical properties and behaviors of our conditioning lubricants. Specifically, how they interact with heat, chemicals, other lubricants, solvents and contamination, etc.

DynaGlide has engineered Co-polymers and Block-polymer technologies into highly efficient Micro-Layered, Tri-Boundary Dry-Film lubricants that have the unique characteristic of being self-leveling and self-cleaning. DynaGlide Plus Technology has resulted in dry-film lubricants that have revolutionized the materials and techniques involved in metals cleaning, maintenance and protection..

All Dynaglide and DynaGlide Plus formulas contain proprietary tri-boundary technology that provides superior lubricity, protection and coverage.

Three Barrier Films for Maxium Performance & Protection

All Dynaglide dry-film conditioning lubricants provide:

  1. High load carrying lubrication to resist heat, metal to metal pressures and wear
  2. Temperature reactive corrosion, and chemical resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing
  3. Chemical to chemical contamination resistance (environmental and direct external contamination)
  4. Proven performance by long-term salt spray testing
DynaGlide Technology

DynaGlide Micro-Filtration Process

Our three step micro-filtration process removes suspended solids and other particles in suspension that allow our formulas to penetrate into micro-cracks and gaps as close as .1 micron (.0001 millimeter). Displaces moisture, cleans grit, grime, old oils and greases. 

displacement illustration | Multi-Marketing Corp.

DynaGlide Plus Technology for Unmatched Performance

DynaGlide Plus out performs other gear conditioner and lubricant products in all areas:

• Heat resistant to 400-plus° (204 plus °C)
• High load carrying capacities (metal to metals pressure)
• Hazardous cleaners and lubricants are not used or needed
• Prevents oxidation and debris build-ups
• Humidity and Moisture repelling and displacing (extremely hydrophobic)
• Prevents the accumulation of residues, debris, gunk build-up associated with oil or silicone lubricants.
• Non-toxic non-hazardous protective films
• Withstands 400 hours of Military salt spray corrosion testing
• Maintains a sustainable near new and perfect gear condition
• Severely restricts abrasive and erosive wear action from many contaminants such as dust, oxidation and acidic body oils
• Prevents build up of asperities and contaminants compressed into metals by heavy use and load pressure
• Reduced resistance to contaminant build up offers extended gear life and performance

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