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Multi-Marketing Corporation, the master business entity and home of DynaGlide Industries, brings you a range of highly specialized dry lubricants and related products that cater to the needs of consumer, government, military, and industrial markets. With over thirty years of experience, our dedicated team has developed and continues to refine proprietary formulas that ensure exceptional quality and performance. Join us as we revolutionize the lubrication industry.

Multi-Marketing Corporation is the home of DynaGlide Industries.
dynaglide custom formulation | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Custom Formulation

Our company has created custom product formulas that are now sold into several basic categories of industry. We research, test and develop new products for various market niches. This process might involve the modification of an existing product or the development of a completely new formulation “from scratch”. The popular One Shot® product line is a prime example of top selling products we have formulated for private industry.

tri boundary technolgy | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Tri-Boundary Technolgy

All Dynaglide and DynaGlide Plus formulas contain proprietary technology that provides superior lubricity, protection and coverage. The underlying science behind our products utilizes various synergistic components in different combinations and amounts to create targeted formulas.  Products that have numerous applications and perform a wide variety of functions  like our DynaGlide Plus Tool & Surface with HD4X™ for instance.

eco friendly formulas | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Eco Friendly Formulas

Formulas that are sensitive to major environmental and health concerns therefore helping to set standards for new products that satisfy ever-changing consumer preferences and government regulations.

You can trust our products to give you peace of mind, as they are completely free from alcohols, silicone, Teflon® (PTFE), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), graphite; other additives that may stain clothing.

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woodworking tools | Multi-Marketing Corp.


Tool & Surface with HD4X™

Extends All Cutting/Drilling/Routing and Tool Life and more!

cnc woodworking | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Tooling & Machinery

Tool & Surface with HD4X™

Tri-boundary Dry Lubricant, Cleaner and Conditioner for Industrial Tools, Surfaces and all Metals

musical instrument care | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Music Industry

Sound Synergies®

Care & Conditioning Products for Musical Instruments, Gear and Electronics

hornady bg press | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Firearms & Ballistics

Hornady One Shot® with Dynaglide Plus®

Lubricants and Cleaners for Firearms & Ballistics Products

fishing rod reel | Multi-Marketing Corp.

Recreational and Commercial Fishing

DG-5 Fishing Line, Rod & Reel

Ozone Safe Cleaner & Dry Lubricant for fishing line and all fishing gear.

private label custom formulas | Multi-Marketing Corp.

White Label Customers

Custom Formulation

Multi-Marketing Corporation can provide custom manufacturing and wholesale distribution from one location.

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