Multi-Marketing Corporation is your source for creation, testing, manufacturing and distribution.

Multi-Marketing Corporation, home of DynaGlide Industries, is the master business entity responsible for the creation, testing, manufacturing and distribution of several consumer products for 30 years and counting. Corporate headquarters are located in the Tacoma area for the United States. Core products for the company are utilized for lubricating and conditioning high performance mechanical tools and moving metal parts and have application to several industries.

DynaGlide® is a subsidiary of the Multi-Marketing Corporation and the master brand responsible for creating formulas that are sold into several basic categories of industry: Major industry areas include; Tooling and Machines for the woodworking and production industries; Additives for Specialty Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluid, Noise Abatement for Rail, etc., Firearms and Shooting; Outdoor Sports; Musical Instruments; and Electronic Equipment.

DynaGlide® products are sold under the following brand names:
DynaGlide® for the woodworking industry.

  • Wood Tools Conditioner™
  • Woodworking & Tool
    Sanding Belt Dressing™

DynaGlidePlus® for the woodworker and machine tools industry.

  • Tool & Surface™ w/ 4XHD Corrosion Protector

OneShot® for firearms and shooting.

  • OneShot® Case Lube™
  • OneShot® Gun Cleaner and Dry Lube™

SoundSynergies® for musical instruments and electronic equipment; The sub brands in the SoundSynergies line are:

  • StringTone® for guitars and all string instruments.
  • BriteTone® for all brass and wind instruments.
  • PROcussionCare® for drums and all percussion instruments and parts.
  • LectriCare® for all music electronics, stage sound and lighting equipment and video production gear.

All products have been scientifically developed, refined, tested and validated by laboratories located in the Los Angles area. SoundSynergies® products have been tested on musical instruments by sound labs in the Tacoma area to show actual sound quality improvement. Test results may be reviewed at:

Manufacturing and wholesale distribution of all DynaGlide® products are shipped out of the Los Angeles area. Retail sales are through various outlets.